Joyous, colourful, artisanal fabrics inspired by South African stories & traditions are designed and handprinted in their factory in Muizenberg, Cape Town. This business is proud to be associated with traditional craftsmanship, colour mixing, hand printing layer by layer, color by color, slow and deliberate, focused and beautiful. Each print is different and unique and captures a high price as a unique crafted handmade item.

Painting fabric from the owner’s garage initially and selling table linen, kitchen linen and cushions at the local craft markets to tourists and locals, transformed into a business over the years to employ over 40 people with various retail outlets. Twelve years ago, screen printing was added to the owner’s creative medium as she had always wanted to design a textile collection for home curtaining and upholstery. Collaboration with a larger textile house gave her the impetus she needed.

Apart from the factory from which the business is operated, there is a studio shop on site where one can touch, feel, select and see the fabrics being printed. You are also able to browse through their growing library of fabrics, take some swatches and discuss a bespoke project if that is where you are wanting to go. If you simply want to buy gift items, curtains for your house or to upholster a chair, this is the place to go. There are also various retail stockists for the product locally and abroad where you can buy these beautiful products. Or you can order from the webstore – The scope is endless.

The owner needs the business to be taken to the next level while still being available to design exclusively for the business if needed.

Trading for 25 years.

Turnover: R 3.5m p.a.

Gross profit %: 70%

Net profit %: 12%

Selling Price: R3,3m.

ROI: 12,75%

Owner’s Drawings: R30k to R50k per month

If you are interested in getting more information about this excellent opportunity, contact Marius Maré at 082 824 4773.