The owner of this established HR & Payroll Software Business is retiring, which opens the door to draw on the company’s 20 years of experience in the Human Capital space. The company has built a fantastic client base of both local and international clientele through its commitment to quality service and technology.

There are two great opportunities bundled into a single offering in this business which operates remotely, and provides recruitment, payroll, and full spectrum resource solutions.

The first, an Enterprise Software Solution which returns revenue from its licensing fees, it is adaptable to the needs of its clients, which include large blue-chip companies and those with a large employee base. The software is easily integrated with other leading third-party software solutions such as accounting, access control, time and attendance, as well as pay gateways. The software has great functionality such as Multiuser, Multi-Company, Employee/Manager self-service (ESS,) Multiple User Profiles, and Comprehensive System Security. The software has an international footprint with presence in Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Kenya and South Africa. The enterprise software has great flexibility and a strong core. This part of the business accounts for approximately 50% of the total turnover of the company.

The second offering is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud-based software delivery model. As an on demand product developed for the SME sector it garners great monthly returns in its pay per head subscription model. This HR & Payroll system offers flexibility, data security, speedy set up and consistent updates. The software offers users E learning, OHS management, Job Profiling, Performance appraisal and other great benefits. The offering has been adopted by franchise organizations as well as independent businesses. The B2B offering has seen a great increase in popularity in the last 3 years and has become an asset to its client base.

Together the products have wonderful offerings across the business spectrum and have become sought after in solving the modern Human Resources needs with the sole mission of adding value to a business.

With two fantastic software products in its offering the company shows tremendous value with six remote staff members which include a Developer, HR consultant, and Payroll Consultant. It offers a purchaser great value in its overall valuation…

  • SARS IT Research & Development Valuation at R22 Million
  • Annual Turn Over :  R1,7 Million + R1,6 Million = R 3,3 Million
  • Annual Nett Profit (SDC) : R1,7 Million + R790 000 = R2,49 Million
  • Total Selling Price : R9,900 000.00  (Software Assets Included)

The business could easily integrate and fit into the product offering of similar software-based businesses, it can also be run from anywhere in the world.  Or it could be the perfect asset to an entrepreneur looking to grow their investment portfolio. Opportunities exist to grow the proudly South African company’s international footprint.

The most attractive quality of the business is that the owner does not need to be hands on or in the driving seat 24/7 to run the business, and it could be run from anywhere. The business is turnkey and has little in the way of complications in the purchase. An understanding of HR, Payroll or software development is not required to run the overall business as the business has consultants in those functions. A Hand Over and training will be provided to a purchaser.

To apply to be considered as a potential purchaser of this business, you would need to sign a Non-Disclosure document and provide Proof of Funds.

For more info contact Marius on email

HR & Payroll Software Business