This is a Dream Business…

  • Can be run from home.
  • A unique patented product.
  • Manufacturing is outsourced.
  • Massive captive market.
  • Local bulk deliveries are done with the company bakkie, with national deliveries being done via courier.
  • Product is available in black, white, blue, green, orange, yellow thus complimenting the look of the customers brand colours – no competitor offers this!


The entrepreneurial owner of this business became aware of the problems faced by Estate Agencies with regards their advertising show boards.

With steel frames and steel droppers having value they were forever being stolen to sell to scrap metal dealers. If by a small miracle they weren’t stolen, within a few months they started corroding and looked terrible!

He spent months working on a solution to these major problems.

After consulting and working with engineers and other specialists he had his first prototypes manufactured and had the components Patented.

The Result:

He created and launched a patented Plastic frame and Plastic droppers and poles –  a first of its kind in the outdoor signage market and made from recycled plastic.

The Frame and components offer the user a professional and well finished outdoor signage solution.

It is easy to assemble, comes in modular form and allows for different signage formats i.e. Portrait or Landscape.

The Patented Plastic Frame and dropper poles solves the problems that traditional steel frames and poles caused, namely massive theft and corrosion.

In addition, the Patented Frame and dropper poles are a more cost-effective solution than the steel frames, providing clients with a cost-saving.

The Market:

Real Estate – this is a huge market with 3711 Registered Estate Agencies and 26 198 registered Estate Agents.

Any Businesses that do outdoor advertising eg. Paving companies, swimming pool companies + more.

Current clients include – Seef, Remax, Rawson, Just Property Group, Fine & Country, Real Estate Services + more.

The current numbers:

Staff: none.

Rent: n/a (Run from home.)

Working Hours: Totally flexible.

Turnover: (last 12 months) – R1,160552.

Discretionary Cash Flow: (last 12 months) – R462 209.

Assets: Registered Patents, Website, Bakkie, moulds, around 6 tons of raw materials stored with the manufacturer.

Selling Price: R1,5 million.

Bonus:  The price includes another high demand and related Patented Product and moulds which will be ready in April. (This will significantly increase turnover and profits!)


  • The current owner does no marketing. A new owner could employ a marketer/salesperson, or they could outsource the marketing.
  • The new owner could segment the country and appoint Distributors for each major centre, or franchise provinces.
  • Supply to neighbouring countries.

Further info will only be provided upon signing an NDA and Proof of Funds. (No Financing!)

Contact Greig – 063 364 1780 or email